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Print your artist rating

What is Artist quotation?

The quotation of an artist is the index that measures his fame and allows an estimate the value of his work to be made. The quotation is obtained by auction on the secondary market. An artist's rating can fluctuate depending on the economy, and on the artist's journey. To be credible, the artist's rating must be sustained over several years.

Determining the value of a painting or sculpture means communicating an estimated range, averaging a low estimate and a high estimate. Often, the low estimate is auctioned at the reserve price, below which the work will not be sold. This allows you to determine an average value of your property. If the artist is not yet on the second market, his/her rating can be assessed according to the following criteria: the number of exhibitions in which he has participated, the prestige of the places (museums, galleries, foundations) in which he was exhibited his/her work of Art, the number and name of collectors possessing his/her work of Art, the quality of the dissemination of his/her work, the quantity of sales made, the average price of the works sold, etc.

ARTcertificate QUOTATION
Art certificate offers on-line analytical software that allows to locate an artist objectively on the art market, based on a precise questionnaire. The quotation gives an index to the linear centimeter and an average price, allowing to evaluate the price of sale of the works of the artist. A certificate of quotation is published in order to inform about the notoriety of the artist.

>>> Example of a quotation certificate ARTcertificate.

It is possible to print the QUOTATION CERTIFICATE.

Method of calculation used by ARTcertificate
Art certificate has chosen to use the method of calculation 'to the rating point', which allows to establish a theoretical price according to the dimensions of the work of Art (drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.). The calculation is based on the sales, and on the information listed by the artist following a precise and evaluative questionnaire. The average price of the last works sold is taken into account, in order to refine the quotation, and to be faithful to the reality of the sales of the artist. It is worth noting that the value of a beginner artist is between 10 and 20 euros per rating point (reference provided by the legal and tax guide of the artist for the year 2010).

The ADVANTAGES of the Art certificate.
- Each artist has the right to have a QUOTATION on the financial value of his works.
- This quotation makes it possible to establish a SALES PRICES that is COHERENT with respect to the market.
- The Art certificate is a GUARANTEE for the buyer from the perspective of the evolution of the artist.

Learn more about the Art market
- What is the “first market” (Artists without quotation)?
The first market brings together all the first sales of an artist to the public, to collectors or to institutions. Not being known in the art market, or lacking sufficient notoriety, the artist does not have an official rating for him to value and financially guarantee his/her Art work. The first market is a very lively and creative market where we see many emerging talents, and on which it is possible to acquire works at competitive prices.

- What is the “second market” (Artists with official quotations)?
The second market consists essentially of the resale of Art work through recognized auction houses in the art market. It is a speculative market where only Art work by established artists is sold, whose cost has already been estimated during previous acquisitions. The rating of an artist is determined by the official auction results of the artist's works.

- How to find the rating of an artist that has been officially listed?
Specialized sites allow access to these artists' ratings. The Artprice site is the best example. The Artprice lists most artists, with places of sales, estimates, etc. This is a paid site and uses the tools of WORK OF ART dealers. Each study performs estimates of Art works. You can also consult the Gazette Drouot, which lists key figures and artists’ sales. The artists' costs depend on social and economic factors, including a sales and purchasing process. Considering a work of Art an 'investment', the art market is a 'risky investment', because costs are variable. It should be kept in mind that the result of a public auction is merely a past event that is not necessarily reproducible.

- Conclusion
The quotation of an ARTIST exists only in relation to the demand of his/her works. If the artist is not really known, it will be the PRICE at which he sells his own work which will determine the quotation, but only to his/her potential buyers. For the other potential buyers this will mean nothing, because the quotation an estimate, rather than an exact science. In short, it is the buyer who makes the artist's cost.