Download a Certificate of Authenticity

Download a Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of authenticity You are the author of a work of art (painting, sculpture ...) and you want to identify this work and claim its authorship. You will sign this certificate of authenticity and send it to the buyer of your work.

I, the undersigned [name and first name, or pseudo of the artist]
Certifies that the work designated below is the original and a single piece.

Title of the work:
Artist name:
Professional number: [Maison des artistes, SIRET ...]
Techniques and Materials:
Year of production:
Location of signature:
Identification number: [for a work belonging to a series]

The present certificate of authenticity and the particulars contained therein constitute the right of ownership of the work.

Issued on [date of issue]


There are no predefined dimensions for such a certificate of authenticity, so printing on A4 sheet will do the trick. But free to you to be imaginative.

- To better preserve this certificate of authenticity, print it on thick paper or plastify it.
- Do not specify the name of the purchaser, in order to facilitate the resale of your work.

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