Help FREE!

Help FREE!

You want to create your Certificate of Authenticity, but you are not a computer expert!

Our support is at your disposal by mail or by telephone. We will provide you with all the necessary information, for you to create your Certificate of Authenticity. We will also help you to resize your photos, if necessary.

Print yourself your Certificate of Authenticity!
- Full version in PDF format 21X29,7 cm
* Adjustable size for printing
* Various template models
* Addition of a stamp
* Configuration of font
* Customization of the legal information
* Certificates issued in French, English, Spanish, or German.
* Save the certificate layout as a template
The signature of the writer of the certificate is mandatory
The use of a special type of paper is recommended.
A security hologram is recommended.

- Identification of the writer of the certificate.
- Download photos and documents
- Access to the creation Certificate of Authenticity: paintings, sculptures, photographs.
+ A free Certificate of Authenticity is provided at when opening a new account
- Identification of a work of Art, painting, sculpture, photograph.
- Download photos and documents.
- Generate an authenticity certificate number.
- Create a Certificate of Authenticity to PDF to print yourself