How to create your Certificate of Authenticity

How to create your Certificate of Authenticity

Purchase of Art: The certificate of authenticity is obligatory to establish that a work is authentic and was realized by the Artist who sells it. It must include several mandatory statements to be valid.

Purchase of Art: You must provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer (even if he does not claim it) accompanied by the sales invoice of your work (see our advice on VAT here: VAT for your work.

Here are the main points that must be found in a certificate of authenticity established when purchasing a work of Art:

- The name of the artist
- Professional numbers (Maison des Artistes, AGESSA, SIRET, SIREN, ...)
- A photo of the work
- The title
- The dimensions
- The technique and materials used
- The support
- The date of creation
- The location of the signature
- The identification number for a work from a series (for photos for example): Example 'Work N ° 2 on a series of 30 copies'
- The number of copies produced if it comes from a limited edition
- The signature of the artist (official stamp, digital print)
- The date of issue of the certificate

Attention: Never indicate the price of the work on the certificate of authenticity! The price must only appear on your invoice.

The present certificate of authenticity and the particulars contained therein constitute the right of ownership of the work.

Issued on [date of issue]

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