Who are we ?

Who are we ?

At the intersection of art and the Internet, we propose the creation of a Certificate of Authenticity issued to artists so that they can promote their own work. We assign great importance to the performance of our products, while maintaining the simplicity and facility of use so that the artist can concentrate on his/her job and the valorization of his/her work.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?
A Certificate of Authenticity is a document required for attributing a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph to an artist.

What is the value of a Certificate of Authenticity?
The value of a Certificate of Authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it (the artist, and art expert, etc.), because the certificate is recognized at the time of writing by all professionals..
The Certificate of Authenticity is the indispensable key to maximize the sales of your work. Without it there is no estimate, no transaction, no movement, nor recognition in a recognized catalog of the financial value of the work.

Who can write a Certificate of Authenticity?
The job of expert in art is not regulated. All artists and professionals can write a Certificate of Authenticity.
ARTcertificate considers that the author of the work is the most qualified person to write a Certificate of Authenticity, in particular at the time of the first sale. A gallery owner or a professional artist can also contribute to this operation. It is necessary however to respect certain criteria at the time of the issue of a Certificate of Authenticity, in order to give the certificate a value of optimal authentification.

Never place the Certificate of Authenticity behind the artwork. Instead, keep it in a safe and protected place.
CAUTION: In no case will the services of ARTcertificate constitute a proof of authenticity of the work. The authenticity of the work is exclusively dependent of the person who issued the Certificate of Authenticity.